Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shanuj alias Qndi

This is the guy who got the accolade - "back up of MH". Though the usage has got nothing to do with this guy's brain it has got a lot to do with his butt which allegedly contributes to half of his weight. Undisputedly, he had the biggest buttocks in our batch. And U know what this guy can work wonders with that. Gathered an awesome fan base among girls with his best feature. No surprises for those who has seen his characteristic walking style marked by cadence of butts and a dual SIM mobile phone on his right hand.

This is the man who wrote 2 complete sheets of answer paper for an elective subject which he had never opted and was wrongly assigned. How intelligent?

July 12th, this guy threw away his status of celibacy. Tied knot with his lady love with whom he had spend half of the hostel life over phone. Fruition of a universal feeling called love. It is said that love is made in earth and marriages are made in heaven

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